Volunteers needed for adoption agencies in California ?

Our phones have been ringing nonstop for the past few days from people that state that they have just read an article stating that there is a need for volunteers to “cuddle” babies that are with adoption agencies.  THIS ARTICLE IS VERY MISLEADING.

In private adoption, the newborn goes directly from the hospital to the home of the adopting parents. There is NEVER a need for a “cuddler”. These families have waited many years for this baby, and the very thought of a stranger holding their newborn would cause great anxiety Furthermore, there is no influx of newborn babies available for adoption.. most agencies have lists that are years long of waiting families.

So WHERE did this journalist get the information that led them to the conclusion that there was a need for such volunteers ? Periodically there are agencies that will put a newborn into temporary “cradle care “. This is in the event that perhaps the birth mother is unsure if they really want to proceed with an adoption plan, or for some very rare unforeseen reason.  Families that provide cradle care for these infants have gone through a rigorous background check , health screening and training program, and the agency has approved them for the care of these infants. NEVER would an agency allow someone off of the street to come in and cuddle a baby that was in their care.

The article gives the impression that there is an overflow of newborns languishing in their cribs with little or no human contact , giving the reader the impression of an orphanage in a third world country. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we lament that the so called journalist couldn’t take a few minutes to realize the  truth before writing the article. But, of course, there would have been no article  to speak of if they had