Can I get Paid to Give my Baby up for Adoption?

Quite often we receive calls from expecting mothers asking if they can be compensated for carrying a baby for 9 months and then giving the child up for adoption. The short answer is .. no. It is illegal to be compensated for a child. However, the majority of states do allow for what are termed “reasonable living expenses” during the pregnancy , and for a period of time after the birth while the mother is recuperating .
These laws that allow for financial support vary from state to state, and some states only allow for a small designated “fixed” amount that legislators have determined to be “reasonable”.
The state of California tends to be very generous in regards to the allowable support. Expectant mothers can usually depend on their rent, food, and utilities to be paid during this time. The laws are set up so that the mother is not enriched due to her adoption plan, but that so she is in at least the same financial position that she was in prior to the pregnancy.
The courts realize that most women are not able to obtain employment while pregnant , or perhaps they are working a job that they are forced to quit due to the pregnancy. It is only fair in these cases that her bills be paid. However , if she has a job that she is able to continue with during the pregnancy , and there are no lost wages or other monetary sufferances due to the pregnancy , monies cannot be paid other than for expenses that are related to the pregnancy. These may include medical bills, counseling, birthing classes, and food.
It doesn’t seem fair that a surrogate mother can actually be paid to carry the child… sometimes in excess of $30-$50,000, while a woman that didn’t plan her pregnancy cannot receive compensation,but unfortunately , that is the way the laws are set up.
We are happy to set you up with a free legal consultation with a licensed California state adoption attorney who will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the amount of financial assistence that you may be entitled to if you are looking to give your baby up for adoption in the state of California. Please feel free to contact us at 800-488-3238.